step 1 The SONS notebooks system Starter Kit consists of five notebooks each in a different color (blue, orange, green, yellow and red). Each notebook has a corresponding folder and two label sets with the same colors.

step 2 If the student implements the system by himself, parents should assign color and classes. SONS recommends the following system:
please rollover the bottom of the icons.

When a school requires the SONS notebooks system, it will determine which subject is assigned to each color for purposes of uniformity.

In addition to these basic colors SONS notebooks system also provides a notebook with a sixth color for elective classes and other colors available, if needed.

step 3 Stick labels on the outer cover of the books and materials to the corresponding subject. example: If the blue color has been assigned to mathematics, put the BLUE “label” on the outer cover of your mathematic book , including all books related to that subject.

step 4 All of the 5 folders included are used for organizing documents related to each subject according to color. Each folder has two pockets: work to be done and work done.

All folders are held together by a steel ring included in the package. In case you need to give the teacher some work, you could open the ring, to hand in the corresponding material, to maintain the uniformity of the other subjects and to avoid that they become lost.

step 5 Once you have color and classes assigned, you're ready to enjoy the benefits of using Sons system.

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