SONS currently offers a SONS starter kit, folders, notebooks and labels.
We are currently working on other great additions to our system.

Coming up SONS will offer:

color coded index cards
color coded “loose leafs”
color coded spiral notebooks
three ring binders
self adhesive color flags
my creations notebook
my creations notebook 2
lab notebook

For questions or information on where to find SONS, please contact us.

The initial kit has 5 notebooks. Each one in a different color.

  In addition to these basic colors, SONS notebooks system also provides a notebook and a folder with a sixth color for elective classes and other colors are available, if needed. The system offers a variety of 21 different notebooks styles available in 7 different colors. The varieties depend on the child’s grade and his/her requirements in terms of scholastic needs (second and third grade handwriting, design lines and 5mm and 7mm graphs for math).

The SONS notebooks system folders are used for organizing documents related to each subject according to color. This folders are made of a strong material to assure they meet parent’s expectations about durability. Each folder has two pockets: one for homework and the other for finished work.

All folders are held together by a steel ring included in the kit.

The SONS notebooks system starter kit also includes two sets of colored labels to stick on the outer cover of books and materials related to the corresponding subject.

The SONS notebooks system Starter Kit consists of 5 notebooks, in the SONS color system, a corresponding folder of the same color, and 2 groups of “labels” that follow the color system. The Kit also includes a convenient zippered bag that holds whole system. You can choose among a variety of colors.
Shown below is the SONS bag in blue, and a sampling of how our color-coordinated products group together!